Tuesday, 19 June 2012

omggg just got lcked

W.T.F I've just got locked for 6 days!  this is what it say's : You have been locked from MovieStarPlanet because you wrote: what would you do if you were my gf and we had ***? what would you do if we had *** and you was my girlfriend ?     () ()
                                                                                                       ----. This is forbidden on MovieStarPlanet. Please refer to the rules: http://info.moviestarplanet.com/parents/terms-conditions.aspx#rules

OMG....  that is just soooo Mean    P.S    will send another post now ! but it won't be about MovieStarPlanet it will be the funny video edition!!!


  1. Well i dont blam them. You are extremely rude -_-

  2. i no ye lad like but iwas just askin like lol

  3. Omg same i got locked out this Wednesday on my level 7 account and VIP i have got 4 days and something hours till i can go back online but add my other VIP account any way he is called Zac493 on the English version. :-0

  4. i got locked for ever im locked now for saying what pig AND YOUR RUDEEEEEEEEEE